Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray

I bought this product about a year ago after my hair stylist curled my hair and used a heat protectant spray. I decided to go find my own to use!  I used to use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, so I decided to give theirs a try!
It has a nice light misting sprayer.
FIRST of all, this is a horrible, horrible picture of me, BUT it shows how frizzy my hair was this morning.  It was a rainy day and I wanted to show you how well this product really works.  I didn't have any make up on yet, I was in the process of getting ready...
I just sprayed it all over my hair and then I brushed it out.  It instantly makes my hair shiny and gets rid of the friz.
 Next I curled my hair.  I have very thick hair, and it has a hard time holding a curl.  My hair is just too heavy to keep a curl for long, so I really crank the heat up on my curling iron.  That's why I really need the heat protectant.  It is also why I can't review the hair spray I used because I don't think I could review it fairly trying to curl my hair.

 Then I just sprayed it all down with hair spray.
 It keeps my hair shiny and I know my hair isn't totally getting ruined from the heat.
 I don't use a lot of heat on my hair so it's not used to it and this really helps me keep my hair healthy.
 Now my FAVORITE part of this spray!  Haha!! I love this little lock and unlock button.  I don't know why, but I just think it's so fun.  It's the little things :)

 Do you use any kind of heat protectant?  If you haven't tried one yet, I would recommend this one.  I really like it and I have no regrets getting this. 

Thanks for reading! xo, Heather Honey :)


  1. Your hair looks lovely after :) My hair can be quite frizzy too and it's so important to use heat protection products

    Tanesha x

  2. i love this one! i like the nexxus heat protectant as well. your hair is very pretty!

  3. I really like this one, mainly because the product is misted rather than a stark spray which makes it so I use less product :) Great post xoxo

  4. love your hair! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  5. I use something similar from Dove and it really helps!
    X, Ancia
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  6. i love to use this before I curl my hair too!
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