Monday, April 30, 2012

Coach Poppy Flower

It was cold and windy but just what I needed!! My husband and I took a trip to the beach.  I love going to the beach.  I live in New England so it isn't really warm yet, but just to smell the air and listen to the waves is all I need to make me happy.
 :)  I thought I would share just a couple of pictures with you all. We also did a little shopping, and I'm excited to share my new perfume with you!
On to the new purchase!  I have been wanting this perfume for months. I actually smelled it in a magazine and instantly LOVED it.  It's Coach Poppy Flower. 
 There is also Coach Poppy that comes in the red instead of purple color, I love the Poppy Flower though.
Right now you can get the set of both the large bottle of perfume and lotion for $90.  This is only around $5 more than the large bottle of perfume by itself.  This is very expensive but I only splurge once in a while and I've really been wanting it.  I'm justifying it to myself, haha.
The lid of the bottle is not what I would expect in such an expensive perfume.  It is a light plastic and not metal like it looks. Not a big deal though.
Right now you can get this lotion for just $5 more, worth it!
As you can see this is a nice big bottle of perfume-3.4oz.
 I love that it comes in this cute little box.  It is a nice keepsake box to keep on your makeup table :)
The Coach website says: "Chic. Vibrant. Whimsical. Poppy Flower mixes bright fruits with soft florals to capture the romantic side of the Coach Poppy attitude. Sparkling notes of citrus, lychee and cassis blend with water lily and jasmine petals to create an airy, lighthearted fragrance."                                      
 Give this one a smell-it's a good one! I love it :) The only thing I would change is the price.  I hope your week is off to a good start!  XO, Heather Honey

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Olay Professional Pro X

I have been looking in to some of these cleansing face products.  I came across the Olay Professional ProX that is only a fourth of the price of some of the other brands.  I read a lot of reviews, with a lot of different opinions.  Some people felt that Olay was very similar to the more popular pricey version, some said it didn't compare, but most reviews were positive.  I would love to try the pricey version but for a fourth of the price I had to go with Olay.  I have really been enjoying it!
This comes with one brush, batteries and a trial size of exfoliating scrub.
 I love that it comes with batteries.  It's the little things!
 There are NO directions.  This seems odd to me.  I guess you need to adjust to what you need?  Since there are no directions how long to hold it in place, or how often you need to change the brush you need to just use common sense.  I try not to hold it in one place on my face too long, I know that the more expensive brand has a timer.
 The biggest challenge many people faced was how to put in the batteries!! Since there are no directions you need to look it up online.  Here is a picture to help you out :)  You really need to use some muscle to get the bottom off!!
I really like that it has two speeds.  I use the slower speed under my eyes, it's more gentle.  The rest of my face I use the faster speed.  I have been using it for a week now and have noticed that my face is really smooth.  I also notice that my pores are more noticeable, which I am guessing is because they are getting cleaned out.  It looks like the dirt is coming up closer to the surface of my skin and hopefully in a little time this will clean out those pores.
These are my first reactions and will do an updated review of this after I've been using it for another three weeks.  So far, I am really liking it.  Since it's waterproof I have been using it in the shower once a day.  Keep your eyes open for an update on this product!  Thanks for reading! xo, Heather Honey

Thursday, April 19, 2012


One day I noticed that I had mulitple Clean&Clear face cleansers and thought I should do a review for you all.  I didn't buy these all at the same time, but there is something I must be drawn to.  I think it's the packaging and the price.  I have literally had a couple of these for months so I don't remember how much they all were but I know that they were reasonable.  Let's get started!

 Deep Action: This cleanser I bought when my skin was breaking out a few months ago, since my skin has been lately I've been using this cleanser again.  It does have a medicinal smell to it, but it's a reassuring scent to me when my skin has break outs! I noticed when I started using it that it left my skin tingley but I don't notice it so much now that I have been using it every night.  I think it does a good job of cleaning my skin, a little drying the first couple of times I used it.  I have to mention that it does not lather.  It is like you are applying a cream to your face, this took some getting use to for me. I don't even notice really anymore. You can tell from the picture below (hopefully) how thick it is.  I would say that if you have some break outs this might be a good choice.

 Next up is the Daily Pore cleanser.  I think this my favorite of the three.  This is also my most recent purchase.  I like this because I think it helps unblock my pores.  I also really like the micro-scubbers (picture below) that help me feel like I am getting a good scrub on my face.  This product also lathers, I should note!

 Last up is the Morning Burst.  I have tried previously the "orange, bursting bead" one that I think was citrus.  I used that one about a year ago.  I didn't love it.  The idea was that it was suppose to help wake you up in the morning with it's "bursting beads".  It did not help wake me up in any way, shape or form.  Not being a morning person I thought it might be a little helpful-it was not.  I decided to give this blue one a try.  The "detoxifying facial cleanser".  If you look at my pictures you can see the little beads that are suppose to be "oxygen-infused".  This one also claims to wake you up.  This product is my least favorite of the three.  I actually like the first two products but this one is not one I would recommend.  It is a plain regular face cleanser.  I don't feel that it does anything special, or work great.  It simply cleans your face.  There is not anything wrong with it, but don't fall for the gimmick like I did. It's just ok.
I hope this was helpful!!  Have a great week!  XO, Heather Honey

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am LOVING this color!!  I love purple, if you haven't heard, and when I saw this color I was instantly drawn to it.  It is a purple color with a blue tint.  It has a gorgeous iridescent shine to it, almost a pink shimmer.
 It is called Zeus, cool name. :)
 This picture really shows the iridescent shine to it.
 It is not the highest quality formula, after doing the dishes I did notice a little wear and tear on the ends. Nothing big though.
 I love when I just grab a polish off the shelf that ends up looking just a good on my nails as it does in the bottle. 
Sometimes colors aren't as wearable as you think they may be.  I was afraid this one might be too bold but I'm really enjoying this one.
Thank you so much for following! I'm so excited to have reached 50 followers!! I know it's not a ton but it really makes me happy and I appreciate it :)  Thanks for reading, hope you are having a GREAT day! xoxo, Heather Honey

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Versatile Blogger

1. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers.

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I've been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you to Star from for the award!  Her blog is off to a great start, go check it out! :) 

Here are my 7 random facts:
1. I love getting lost in a good book.
2. I've been trying to eat healthy!
3. I always sing when I drive.
4. I always sing in the shower, haha.
5. I LOVE strawberries.
6. I used to work at an ice cream shop, and I loved every minute.
7. I love the beach.

Here are my nominations:
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Hope you are all having a great weekend! :) XO, Heather Honey

Friday, April 13, 2012

Loreal Colour Riche Balm

Since I really enjoyed Revlon Lip Butters I decided I would give Loreal's Color Riche Balm a try.  I don't think they are all that similar really.  I found the texture and color unique to lip butters. 

I purchased Pink Satin, this is a light pink color that is very pretty.  The color is extremely sheer though, and I think I would like to try a shade darker to see if there is a little more color payoff. 
When applying I noticed it applies very easily and it's moisturizing.  I would say that the product isn't quite as soft as lip butters but still applies easily.  I like the packaging.  It has the sheer cover but it's maybe a little more sophisticated looking. 
I also really enjoy the scent of this balm, it has a light vanilla taste to it.
This product has a really pretty sparkly sheen to it.  When light hits the balm there is a nice shimmer! I love this.
 I might try this over lipstick, it would add a nice shine . 
 This product also has SPF 15 in it as well. 
 Have you given this product a try? What did you think?  Are all the colors this sheer?  Thanks for reading! XO, Heather Honey

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogger Appreciation Award


I was just awarded the Blogger Appreciation Award from the lovely blogger Holly at .  Thanks Holly!  She has some cute nail polish post and OOTD's!! Check out her blog :)  On to the rules:
Rules of the award:
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                        1. How long have you been blogging?
Since August 2011.  I didn't post on anyone's comments or tell anyone about my blog for the longest time though! I am glad I finally did though! :)

                       2. What are the 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I thought it would be fun to share all the products I really liked with everyone.  I was inspired to start blogging because there were 3 blogs I really loved and thought, "Hey, maybe I could do that!".

                      3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/ read?
Beauty and fashion blogs are my favorite.

                      4. What is the one thing that you would like to improve on as a blogger/ on your blog
I think I would like to add some OOTD's to my blog.  I have taken some photos but haven't ever shared them.  Maybe I will this summer. :)

Yay, now I get to nominate other people!  I tag:
Congrats ladies!  Thanks again Holly! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

e.l.f. blush

 I have only recently discovered e.l.f. products but I have to say for what you pay it is not bad!  I purchased a blush called "candid coral" and I heard that this is suppose to be similar to Nars "orgasm" so I also did a comparison for you.  There is a very similar look to their blush, they have that little black case.  Nars does not have a little window showing the color though, so it's mirror is full lid.
 I personally don't use the mirror since I am applying my blush at home in front of a large mirror.
 This is the color with flash:  a beautiful shimmery coral color.
 Here it is without flash:
 I decided to swatch this product next to Nars orgasm to see if the color and look were similar.  I didn't find that they really were similar in color in my opinion.  You can see my Nars orgasm post here.  Though Nars orgasm is suppose to be a pinky coral, it doesn't look very similar to the  orangy coral of e.l.f. candid coral. Pointer finger is elf, and middle is Nars:
 First finger is e.l.f. candid coral, and second is Nars orgasm:  You can see that the colors are pretty different.  I do however see that the shimmer is very similar.  They have a very similar look in that way, so maybe the review I read confused the shade that was similar to Nars.  I could feel a difference in texture between the two as well.  I liked the e.l.f. blush but the quality isn't that of Nars.  I think for the price I could live with a little less quality though!!  They are both very pretty.
On my cheek you can see that they both have the shimmer to them, but the colors themselves are not quite the same.  I also have very fair skin so it is very notiable on my cheek. 
I would say that I love the price and I love the color and I would repurchase this product.  I wouldn't say it is the same as Nars, but I just read it was a dupe so I wanted to compare.  If you have only $3 to spend vs. $30 I would go for the e.l.f.!!  It can give a similar look and I bet the pink color of e.l.f. would be even closer to a dupe.  I might just try the pink color for the price, why not?!  Thanks for reading, Heather Honey