Sunday, November 27, 2011

Queen HelenE Mint Julep Masque

This product says "developed by a dermatologist, that will actually dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and even help shrink enlarged pores." 
 You wash your face then apply and leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off, or leave on overnight on problem areas. My skin looked like it was breaking out around my nose, so I decided to use this mask.  No more breakout!
 Yup! I did it. I put the scary green face up on my blog.  If you look you can see how much it really dries and pulls tight.  It cracks because it sucks up the impurities from your pores.  Make sure you leave a little space around your eyes, and your hair line.  It is a pain to get out of your hair, believe me.
 I took a wet washcloth and wiped it all off, then rised with warm water.  My skin looked so nice after.  It felt so smooth.  My pores looked smaller, my skin looked fresh and bright.  I really noticed a big difference.  Have you ever tried a "green mask"?
  Thanks for reading!! :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Rest of the Loot

I purchased two Avon eyeliners- in Saturn Grey and Midnight Blue.  I really like both of them, especially the blue one.  I think it works well with my blue eyes.  I like that you just click the eyeliner up.  I like the deign so far, it's actually nice to not have to sharpen the eye pencil.

 I also purchased "Dew Kiss" which just gives your lips a shiny look.  The other two are "Slick Tint" in the colors Glossy Wine and Glossy Opal.
 I was very surprised at how dark the Glossy Wine is.  The pigment in both are so strong they are more like a lipstick.
 Saturn Grey eyeliner:
 Slick Tint Glossy Opal:
 The two of them combined:
 Midnight Blue eyeliner:
 Slick Tint in Glossy Wine:
The combined look:
Wow I look pale in that picture! Haha.  Anyway, I guess because it's called 'tint' I figured it would be a subtle color-it's not.  I don't think I would have purchased any of the three lip colors if I knew how they were going to look on.  I would definitely get the eyeliner again though.  Thanks for reading!! Feel free to follow :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping?

I justified this purchase by saying it was a Christmas gift, but the only thing that's a gift is the mini-lotions...and a few things for myself. ;)  Avon is very reasonably priced atleast!
 I really LOVED the mineral blush I bought last time, it was such a pretty color and felt nice, and went on so easily.  I decided to try a peachy color since I got pink last time.  They had a deal that you got a kabuki brush with the blush for like $7 I think.  I really like the brush, it's very soft and does a great job applying the blush. 
 I am very happy with this blush. The pink color looks a little better on my skin tone but the peach is nice for when I want to go with a different color palette. 

 I usually always wear cool colors vs. warm since they better suit my face.  I have been trying out some different looks though and think warm can be pulled off on my skin.  Do you tend to stick with cool or warm shades or do you just wear whatever you feel like?

Monday, November 21, 2011


I found this pretty color at Walgreens or Rite Aid for around $3.00 I think.  I had never heard of the brand  but thought they had some really pretty colors.  I picked up another shade too, which I will share another time.           
 It's called Silver Taupe, it has tiny shimmery silver sparkles if you look carefully, but has a light brownish tint at other angles.
 You do have to apply 2 shades or it's really light, but I thought it's such a subtle shade.  Totally work appropriate. :) 
Thanks for looking!  Have a great week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

I purchased some new mascara.  I had heard a lot of good things about Covergirl Lash Blash Volume mascara "the one in the orange tube".  I decided I would give it a try, even my sister has it.  I may be the last one to be giving it a try for the first time. 
I think it did a great job adding length to my lashes.  I bought "very black" since I really like dark lashes the best. 
                                          I think it adds some volume too!  Not bad. 
 The one thing I didn't love was there was a little bit of flaking.  I noticed some black clumps in a few spots, and a black flake on my eye corner.  I know a lot of people really like the thick, messy look.  I have always prefered the very neat, long, clean, indiviually lenghtened lash.  I am really giving it a try though.  I think I will get used to it.  I had my other mascara for so long and really liked it and this one is just 'different'.  I can't argue that it doesn't add volume and length like it claims to.  I would say worth the purchase!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maybelline Eraser

Thanks to the suggestion of the blog Veronika's Blushing I decided to give this product- Maybelline Instand Age Rewind Eraser Eye Brightener- a try.  I always have black rings under my eyes due to allergies.  My doctor said that if I take an allergy pill everyday that they might go away but I can't be bothered-I can't even remember to take my multi-vitamin :(  My concealer doesn't cut it, so I thought I'd give this product a try!  I'm really glad I did! 

Before:  I am wearing no make up!

Applying:  I have applied but not blended the product

After:  Blended

                                                                   The finished look:

I really like this product and it's fun to apply.  It doesn't completly get rid of my circles but there are other colors in the line that I think are stronger.  I am quite happy with this one, I would buy it again.  I think it was around $8.  Don't you just love the little puff on top? :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Miracle Cream

I was sent this product as a free trial when I ordered from Sephora and had never heard of it.
It is AMAZING!!  I can't believe how well it works!!!

 I apply it to my face before I go to bed at night and wake up with amazing skin.  My skin looks younger and clear.  It is soft and moisturized, all the redness from dry skin is gone.  I am really just amazed at it. 
 I looked it up on Google products and it says "This unique, paraben free formula, containing plant derived ingredients, mimics the structure of the natural skin lipids and aids in the replenishment of the loss of natural skin lipids. This cream helps to boost the skin's barrier function while protecting it from environmental stresses. The moisturizer leaves the skin feeling soft and supple."  It was given 5 stars by the people who reviewed it.  I'm not the only one who thinks it's great.  It isn't greasy at all and it hasn't caused any breakouts.  I think I am going to have to add this to my "must have" list.  I found that they sell them in bigger jars for around $25 on some online-sites.  I highly recommend this one! Had to share this amazing find!