Monday, February 27, 2012

NOTW: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

This is OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark.  It is a very dark plum color, it almost looks black. This is a very shiny color.
I just love saying that name, "Lincoln Park After Dark", Lincoln Park After Dark"  It's like a little chant...well I find it fun to say anyway... 
 I applied two coats to make sure I applied it evenly.  I think that it's a pretty thick formula so you could probably get away with one if you were in a rush.
 I love the shine to this polish, so glossy.
 I really wanted this polish to last a few days so I added Sally Hansens Hard as Nails topcoat. I don't know if this was really necessary but I thought I would do what I could.
I love this polish, so pretty.  It's pretty dark so be prepared.

Hope your week is off to a great start! xo, Heather Honey

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nars Orgasm

I would not normally spend so much for a blush but I have seen SO, SO many wonderful reviews about this Nars orgasm blush that I had to try it out for myself. 

It came in a black box and I really love the case.  It snaps shut with a most satisfying sound. Very sleek packaging.
 This blush is decribed by Nars as "peachy pink with golden shimmer".  This is a really beautiful color for someone with fair skin like me.  This is a picture without flash:
 This is with flash:
 I have wore it a couple of times now and can see the amazing quality.  It is very pigmented and applies so easily to my brush. I also think it looks natural.  I really love it.  I did not love the price.  If you are up for a splurge I have to agree with the many bloggers out there who love this blush.  It is really beautiful.

Are you one of the many who own this product, and do you love it too?  Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!! xoxo, Heather Honey

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Least Favorite Lip Balms

This is just a quick post.  I didn't want to include these in my top 5 post because it already had enough pics I thought.  I do not recommend getting these two lip balms.  They are not good in my opinion. 

 Aww, how cute.  A Yankee candle lip balm, smells delish.  SPF 15.  How adorable...NOPE!! Don't be fooled by the super cute packaging.  It is a greasy oily feel on your lips and it doesn't soften them.  I would almost go so far to say they are more chapped.  Maybe not, but it sure doesn't help them! ;) 

 Next up Softlips Sheer Color.  It is suppose to adjust to your natural lip color.  My sister and I both got one.  Neither of us have neon dark pink lips, nor does it look flattering on either of us.  Cool idea, but it's a total FAIL.
 Hope that saves someone the trouble.  What is your favorite lip balms?? I hope you are all having a great week.  We are suppose to get more snow here, I hope spring is on it's way though.  Thanks for reading XOXO, Heather Honey

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Lip Balms

Hello! I'm back. Haha. I have just gotten over the worse stomach bug I've ever had in my life.  It literally lasted 4 days.  I am starting to feel better and I'll spare you the details but it was AWFUL.  Then I gave it to my poor husband. :(  I got it from a student who came to school sick.  No fun!! Anyway I decided to do a top 5 for you.  I have been using lip balm like crazy lately.  The end of winter is hopefully coming soon! Below is a picture in order of my all time favorite lip balms:
1. Carmex: Fresh Mint 2. Burt's Bees: Beeswax Lip Balm 3. Bonne Bell Lip Smacker: Dr. Pepper 4. Retreat Aromatherapy Lip Balm: Sensuality 5. Crabtree & Evelyn Aromathology: Romance
 With 100% natural mint oil and SPF 15 this stuff is just awesome.  I've tried the strawberry and original flavor but mint is my favorite.
Good old reliable Burt's Bees!  I've been using this stuff since high school.  It is 100% natural and has vitamin E and peppermint.  I love this stuff because it leaves your lips all tingly and you can just feel it working.

 I've also been using this since high school!! My Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers.  I loved these in high school and Dr. Pepper is still one of my favorites. I love the flavor of this chapstick and it leaves your lips a really nice shiny red color.
This lip balm is scented "sensuality" and it smells amazing.  It is patchouli and ylang ylang scented and has sunflower oil and bees wax.  It melted one day in my back pack and now I don't have to put my finger into it spreading germs to apply it-I can roll it right on my lips.

This is Crabtree & Evelyn Aromathology Lip Balm in Romance.  This is also something I've had since high school.  I've had this one a long time!!  It still smells amazing.  It is a clear gel that is
"flavored with vanilla and essential oils of tangerine and cardamon, to sweeten your breath and soften your lips."

Hope you enjoyed this post!! Thanks for reading!! xo, Heather Honey

Monday, February 13, 2012


It's Monday! Hope you all had a great start to the week.  I picked up this pretty minty shade and thought I'd share.  The brand is called Pure Ice, this is the only polish I have in this brand.

The name of the shade is called Mint Dream.
On the back of the polish it says to apply 2 shades.  I would recommend 3.  It's a very sheer shade.
 These photos are not quite capturing the green color-it's more noticeable than you can see in these pictures but it's still very light.
 I think this shade would look very pretty in the summer with a tan.
 I might try this sheer color over another solid color and what the effect is.  It's adds a lot of shine.
 I like it, just becareful what you wear with it-I think it can clash with some outfits.
Have a lovely week!!  Thanks for reading! xo, Heather Honey

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Lips

It's cold here in New England, and I mean COLD.  I am always on the outlook for new lip balms to keep my lips soft.  I saw these brightly packaged Baby Lips by Maybelline and thought I would give them a try.  I was intrigued by the words "clinical Strength" on the side of the package. 
 I got peppermint and pink punch. I didn't know if the pink would actually show up as color on my lips, but it is a light bright pink.  I like both of these scents/flavors.  I can smell both and taste them.  They are very mild and nice.
 I also like the bright packaging. 
 In terms of actually moisturising my lips I thought they did ok.  I would say they perform as well as a good chapstick.  It does claim to last 8 hours. I don't agree with this statment, it does need to be reapplied after a about 3-4 hours.  It could depend on how much you are eating and drinking, etc.  I also do like that there is sunblock in these!
 I would say that all in all these are cute chapsticks.  These aren't amazing, but they are good.  I would get them again and really enjoy the scents. They don't have any sort of medicinal smells but work as good as those that do.
Thanks for reading!!! xo  Have a great rest of the week :)  -Heather Honey

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Fav

 Almay Eyeshadow:
I have had this product for awhile now and have to share it with you all!  This is my favorite eyeshadow-ever.  I love it.  It's the custom made for your eye color one-" intense i-color".  I have both sets for this brand.  I'll show the other color set another time.  This one is power shadow 032 trio for blue. 
 This pack came with a bonus eye liner that I used here in this pic.  The idea is that they are all colored to make your eye color stand out, and are custom designed for your eye color-mine being blue.  Here is without flash:
 With flash:
 There is a lot of shimmer, and it's BEAUTIFUL :) haha
 You put the gray color over your lip, do the dark blue on the crease, and use the light pink to highlight or put all over.   (Side note: wow I have bad eye circles, I think I need to try a new concealer! Yikes, try to ignore those)
 Look! I'm starting to get the hang of blending! It's still pretty new for me, but I like it.
 Ohhh, shimmery!
I would definitely recommend this product.  I love it :)  Thanks for reading xxoo -Heather Honey

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lash Lift

Hello! It's FRIDAY!  I am really happy this week is over.  It's been one of those weeks.  In celebration of the weekend here is a mascara post for you. Haha.
This is Lash Lift by Max Factor.
 I thought it would be nice to have a brownish mascara as I own all black.  This one is called "black brown".  It is not nearly as black as any of my others, I would say it leans more towards brown. 
 This product is "volume and lift mascara".  I would say that it does add a little volume but not a whole lot.  I would also say it does add a little "lift" and length, again not a whole lot. 
 This product is not my favorite.  I now know that I prefer black, and not brown mascara. I had to give it a try, haha.  I think that black just really makes my lashes stand out and this product didn't really do that.  It did a little something but not enough to want to repurchase.
 I see a little difference in the length but not that big pop I like to have.  There are just better mascaras out there.
 If you are looking for something really subtle then you might like this product.  I think between the color and lack of volume/length that this product just isn't for me.  I hate writing that I don't love something but I have to be honest-I wouldn't want you to go out and buy a product that isn't impressive. I just like those dramatic big lashes, what can I say? ;)
I hope you all have a great weekend!  Super bowl Sunday anyone? :)  Thanks for reading!