Thursday, December 1, 2011


I got these as a gift a year ago, but I thought I would share these since they reminded me of my blog's name.

 This lotion has a cool brown bottle with white lotion that smells very faintly of honey.  It contains vitamin E.  It does make your skin soft but I think it takes a while for it to absorb in. 
This is a Pure Nectar bath syrup.  I have actually never even tried it.  I don't take a lot of baths.  It's suppose to moisturize your skin, it says, "Soak in the natural nutrients of honey, while softening your skin with gentle moisturizers."  It has cute packaging but that's about all I can tell you!  Then there is the honey scented candle which actually does smell of honey...odd but true.  I think all three products are from Rite Aid.  I just had to share some honey products! :)  Have a great rest of your week!! 

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