Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pore Strips

I noticed that because I have been wearing a lot more makeup as of late that my pores were looking a little clogged.  I went and picked up some of these Biore deep cleansing pore strips.  I have used these before  and found them to be a little helpful. 

I think that they do an ok job at helping your pores look a little less noticable.  You wet your nose and place strip on.  You let it dry and then pull off slowly.  Then you get to look at it and see all the gross crud that you had in your pores.  It does give me a very satifying feeling to know I removed that stuff out of my skin.  The proof is on the strip that it does help clear your skin.  I find they work best using them once a week.

I think that they do an ok job, I only get them when I think my skin is looking extra yucky.  In any case they are kinda fun to use. :)  Thanks for reading! 

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