Monday, January 23, 2012


I asked my sister the other day if she had ever heard of Carmex.  She said she had in high school.  Well I guess my friends and I were just too in to our Lip Smackers because I had never heard of Carmex until I started reading blogs.  I have gone a little Carmex crazy. 

 Anyway, I decided to do a hair post-my first.  I bought these cute little clips the other day and decided to try them out. 
 My cat decided they were a toy for her and bit them and then clawed them to the ground. If you own a cat you know that they own everything, atleast that's how it is with my cat.  Everything is a toy for her!
 Back to the post-I pulled a small section from the front of my face on both sides and braided them.  I did not put an elastic in or anything- I just bobby pinned them at the end of the braid to the rest of my hair.
 It was very tricky to get a picture of my head, haha.  I tried...
 I really like them, I wore a matching color shirt. 
 This is how it looked from the front.  It's simple but adds a little color and fun to my usual hair routine.
 Thanks for reading!! xo

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