Monday, January 30, 2012


This is the second color I have purchased from the brand SinfulColors Professional.  The last shade I got was a really nice metallic color.  I really like this color but I didn't love this formula.
 This color is called Easy Going and it's a really like pink.  It's a very pretty color-whitish pink.
 I did not love the formula of the polish.  The color is nice but the formula is very thick.  I did not have this problem with the metallic shade. 
 I found that even though the formula is thick it was still a little streaky.  It took 3 coats to really color my nail.
 The last picture shows the color the best I think.  I would probably say since it's only a couple of bucks you could purchase if you love the color.  If it's only so-so for you then I would save your money!
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  1. I've a similar color from Sinful Colors. It is so-so but the price is good.

    1. Yes that brand seems to be hit or miss!

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