Friday, September 30, 2011

Powder Brush

  I purchased my first brush.  I bought some new mineral foundation so I decided I needed to buy a brush to apply it.  It was not very expensive.  It's called a high definition power brush.  I believe it's by the brand Paris Presents.  It's description is: "High-defintion is the latest technology in color cosmetics, developed for glamorous, picture-prefect results. This brush, with its tapered cut and quality design, works perfectly to give you that celebrity look every day."
   I really don't have much to compare this brush to.  I have used brushes that have come with products but they have never been anything special.  I picked this one because it was really soft, and I thought a powder brush would be versitile though I don't know that I'll use it on anything other than the powder foundation I bought.  It seems to work well.  It picks up the powder easily and is very soft like I said.  I would buy it again!  It's fun to use. :)

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