Thursday, February 23, 2012

Least Favorite Lip Balms

This is just a quick post.  I didn't want to include these in my top 5 post because it already had enough pics I thought.  I do not recommend getting these two lip balms.  They are not good in my opinion. 

 Aww, how cute.  A Yankee candle lip balm, smells delish.  SPF 15.  How adorable...NOPE!! Don't be fooled by the super cute packaging.  It is a greasy oily feel on your lips and it doesn't soften them.  I would almost go so far to say they are more chapped.  Maybe not, but it sure doesn't help them! ;) 

 Next up Softlips Sheer Color.  It is suppose to adjust to your natural lip color.  My sister and I both got one.  Neither of us have neon dark pink lips, nor does it look flattering on either of us.  Cool idea, but it's a total FAIL.
 Hope that saves someone the trouble.  What is your favorite lip balms?? I hope you are all having a great week.  We are suppose to get more snow here, I hope spring is on it's way though.  Thanks for reading XOXO, Heather Honey


  1. i hate the yankee candle lip balm as well, my daughter always gets one when we go lol ;-)

  2. ah the packaging is so cute though! sad it isn't that great xx
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  3. I like natural-looking lips. This balm looks great.

  4. Great? I dont think everyone is actually reading the post. There is nothing great about it people! Haha!!

  5. LOl i love ur description of the first one..:D the packaging seems good but ofc all that glitters is not gold.. thanks a bundle for sharing these too.will certainly keep a look out

  6. Very good review, honest and informative. I will not be buying these!

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  7. Oooo they look super yummy! My fav lipgloss is Smith's Rosebud Salve - I liiiive by it :) Lovely little blog you have here <3



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