Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Fav

 Almay Eyeshadow:
I have had this product for awhile now and have to share it with you all!  This is my favorite eyeshadow-ever.  I love it.  It's the custom made for your eye color one-" intense i-color".  I have both sets for this brand.  I'll show the other color set another time.  This one is power shadow 032 trio for blue. 
 This pack came with a bonus eye liner that I used here in this pic.  The idea is that they are all colored to make your eye color stand out, and are custom designed for your eye color-mine being blue.  Here is without flash:
 With flash:
 There is a lot of shimmer, and it's BEAUTIFUL :) haha
 You put the gray color over your lip, do the dark blue on the crease, and use the light pink to highlight or put all over.   (Side note: wow I have bad eye circles, I think I need to try a new concealer! Yikes, try to ignore those)
 Look! I'm starting to get the hang of blending! It's still pretty new for me, but I like it.
 Ohhh, shimmery!
I would definitely recommend this product.  I love it :)  Thanks for reading xxoo -Heather Honey


  1. I like how subtle the colors are. Been wondering about this palette.

    1. A very beautiful shade, perfect for an everyday look :O


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