Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten

I was shopping around the other day and thought "Hey! I have never tried a lipstain before, I should try that!" and so I did.  There were not a ton of colors in stock so I went with Twilight.  Yes, I like the books and movies-lets just get that out of the way right now. Anyway, it is a darker color than I usually go for but like I said there wasn't a ton to choose from.  I think this product came out a couple of years ago, I remember a commerical with Jessica Biel laying in a flower field trying to play off the Twilight movies.  The commerical didn't impress me, but curiousity finally got the best of me.

 It is hard to tell what color you are going to get from the packaging.  I was expecting a more pink than red color.
 This is how it works:  one end is like a marker, yup, like you are coloring your lips with a marker.  The other end is a lip balm.  One side stains your lips and the other side softens and moisturizes them.
 Once the stain dries you don't have to worry about it smearing or coming off from eating, kissing or whatever... I literally tried to rub off the color with my hand and couldn't.
 Once the stain has dried you need to apply the balm to moisturize because the stain is drying and doesn't really look right without the balm.
 I wanted to show you this picture because when I applied the stain my lips were chapped and you can see that the stain did not absorb where my lips were dry.  If you have very chapped lips apply some chapstick first and then take that off and use the stain-otherwise the color won't go on even.  Also make sure you only put the stain where you want it!!

 This is how it looks finished with the balm.  It looks quite nice and feels quite nice.
 The balm sort of fixes and smoothes out the lipstain.
Overall I liked this product and would recommend it but it's not something I am going to stock up on.  Have you ever tried lipstain?  Thanks for reading! xxoo, Heather Honey


  1. these have interested me as well

  2. i haven't tried these yet but it looks really nice! i've tried a lipstain before, they're great to use when i don't feel like reapplying all day xx
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  3. This looks amazing, I like more nude colors for myself but this looks fantastic on you!!!!

  4. I love this color. It looks fabulous on you!

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  5. This looks amazing on you! I love you blog and i just followed. Could you follow back and give some feedback. Thanks


  6. wow, it looks really amazing!! i need to try this!

  7. I've tried quite a few lipstains before, love the look but they can be a little difficult to work with. This looks fab on your lips! I will definitely be on the lookout this weekend for 'Just Bitten'!

  8. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  9. Thanks for sharing:D That's pretty color:D

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  10. That colour looks great on you. I have one of these in Passion. It is definitely very long-lasting and doesn't budge but like you mentioned it can be hard to get an uneven application. The balm definitely helps though.

  11. such a pretty colour :) love it and it suits you so well!
    Sometimes I'm using lipstains. Like how natural they look and they give the lips a little tint.
    i think your blog is great and I enjoyed readin it :) Definitely following you, dear!
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