Monday, March 5, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Yay! My first blogger award :)  Thank you to Jordan from for the award! If you haven't checked out her blog go over and have a look!
So here are my 7 random facts:
1. I LOVE music! I listen to it constantly.
2. I have a pet dog, cat and turtle and 2 fish.
3. When I first started blogging I didn't share my blog with anyone because I was too shy!
4. My favorite season is fall.
5. I'm a Kindergarten teacher.
6. My favorite color is purple.
7. I love pizza.

I am going to wait on nominating other bloggers for now because I know most of the blogs I follow have just been nominated and I am just starting to get to know more blogs.  I will save that part for a later date.  I just wanted to get this up and say thank you to anyone who has started following my blog. :) I appreciate it!
xxoo, Heather Honey

The Rules:
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post


  1. i love pizza too, CONGRATS doll ;-)

  2. Congrats on your first bloggy award! Haha when I first started my blog three years ago, I didn't share it with anyone either! I wanted it to be private. Well, that changed. ;) I think your blog is adorable! xo


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