Sunday, April 22, 2012

Olay Professional Pro X

I have been looking in to some of these cleansing face products.  I came across the Olay Professional ProX that is only a fourth of the price of some of the other brands.  I read a lot of reviews, with a lot of different opinions.  Some people felt that Olay was very similar to the more popular pricey version, some said it didn't compare, but most reviews were positive.  I would love to try the pricey version but for a fourth of the price I had to go with Olay.  I have really been enjoying it!
This comes with one brush, batteries and a trial size of exfoliating scrub.
 I love that it comes with batteries.  It's the little things!
 There are NO directions.  This seems odd to me.  I guess you need to adjust to what you need?  Since there are no directions how long to hold it in place, or how often you need to change the brush you need to just use common sense.  I try not to hold it in one place on my face too long, I know that the more expensive brand has a timer.
 The biggest challenge many people faced was how to put in the batteries!! Since there are no directions you need to look it up online.  Here is a picture to help you out :)  You really need to use some muscle to get the bottom off!!
I really like that it has two speeds.  I use the slower speed under my eyes, it's more gentle.  The rest of my face I use the faster speed.  I have been using it for a week now and have noticed that my face is really smooth.  I also notice that my pores are more noticeable, which I am guessing is because they are getting cleaned out.  It looks like the dirt is coming up closer to the surface of my skin and hopefully in a little time this will clean out those pores.
These are my first reactions and will do an updated review of this after I've been using it for another three weeks.  So far, I am really liking it.  Since it's waterproof I have been using it in the shower once a day.  Keep your eyes open for an update on this product!  Thanks for reading! xo, Heather Honey


  1. i have heard good reviews of this product..thanks for your opinion!!

  2. Ohh nice! My cousin got one of these for $20 last year and she really loved it.

  3. Thanks for posting this as I was just looking it up the other week. Do you think that's would be good for dry skin? Looking forward to your next review!

    1. I have combination skin and it exfoliates really well. I do notice my dry skin areas are a little drier after using it but my face absorbs moisturizer really well after using too. So I think that it would be ok for dry skin as long as you make sure you moisturize well. I'll let you know how my skin is doing after a couple more weeks!! :)

  4. This seems like a pretty affordable alternative to the more expensive face cleansing brushes out there. It’s odd that it didn’t come with any instructions though, even with instructions I sometimes get stumped :p I’m quite interested to try one of these, not sure if it’d make any great difference though and I still have yet to find an affordable option where I am.

  5. Seems a bit odd that there's no directions! But I'm all for a cheaper version of something!


  6. ahh this is making me want to try this! weird that it doesn't come with much instruction though haha keep us posted!!
    xx Corinne

  7. I adore the font on your blog & great review! I really want to get your opinions on this so I know if it's worth it! No instructions?! weird.

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  8. It seems to be a very interesting product, weird though that it doesn't have any instructions leaflet!

  9. I cant wait to hear how it works! Def update:)

  10. Thank you so much for the comment on my last post! :D

    Here's my newest entry:

    and I look forward to reading more of yours as well!

  11. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    Love this post!! I've been wanting to get one for a while!


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