Thursday, April 19, 2012


One day I noticed that I had mulitple Clean&Clear face cleansers and thought I should do a review for you all.  I didn't buy these all at the same time, but there is something I must be drawn to.  I think it's the packaging and the price.  I have literally had a couple of these for months so I don't remember how much they all were but I know that they were reasonable.  Let's get started!

 Deep Action: This cleanser I bought when my skin was breaking out a few months ago, since my skin has been lately I've been using this cleanser again.  It does have a medicinal smell to it, but it's a reassuring scent to me when my skin has break outs! I noticed when I started using it that it left my skin tingley but I don't notice it so much now that I have been using it every night.  I think it does a good job of cleaning my skin, a little drying the first couple of times I used it.  I have to mention that it does not lather.  It is like you are applying a cream to your face, this took some getting use to for me. I don't even notice really anymore. You can tell from the picture below (hopefully) how thick it is.  I would say that if you have some break outs this might be a good choice.

 Next up is the Daily Pore cleanser.  I think this my favorite of the three.  This is also my most recent purchase.  I like this because I think it helps unblock my pores.  I also really like the micro-scubbers (picture below) that help me feel like I am getting a good scrub on my face.  This product also lathers, I should note!

 Last up is the Morning Burst.  I have tried previously the "orange, bursting bead" one that I think was citrus.  I used that one about a year ago.  I didn't love it.  The idea was that it was suppose to help wake you up in the morning with it's "bursting beads".  It did not help wake me up in any way, shape or form.  Not being a morning person I thought it might be a little helpful-it was not.  I decided to give this blue one a try.  The "detoxifying facial cleanser".  If you look at my pictures you can see the little beads that are suppose to be "oxygen-infused".  This one also claims to wake you up.  This product is my least favorite of the three.  I actually like the first two products but this one is not one I would recommend.  It is a plain regular face cleanser.  I don't feel that it does anything special, or work great.  It simply cleans your face.  There is not anything wrong with it, but don't fall for the gimmick like I did. It's just ok.
I hope this was helpful!!  Have a great week!  XO, Heather Honey


  1. I love Clean and Clear :) Such a good brand :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. The pore cleanser is something I would be interested in. I am a freak about keeping my pores clear, Lol. I also really like clean&clears spot treatments:) They work very well

  3. clean and clear are great with their cleansera i especially love the morning burst range they smell yummy :)

  4. i use to use this brand all the time! a great drugstore favorite =]

    Jordan xx
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  5. That was a great review! Clean and Clear is such a great brand, in comparison with other brands such as clearasil, i think C&C is so much more gentle for my sensitive skin! :)


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  7. C интересом читаю вас))
    Заходите в гости))

  8. thank you for the in depth review of these clean & clear products. i've tried the brand before and it broke me out worse :/

    1. That stinks! Hope you found something that worked better for you!

  9. Very useful! I want to try the clear pore!

  10. Great review! I'm curious
    about the products,


  11. I wasn't impressed with the morning burst cleanser either lol. I've really been wanting to try the deep pore one. Thank you for the review!


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