Saturday, April 7, 2012

e.l.f. blush

 I have only recently discovered e.l.f. products but I have to say for what you pay it is not bad!  I purchased a blush called "candid coral" and I heard that this is suppose to be similar to Nars "orgasm" so I also did a comparison for you.  There is a very similar look to their blush, they have that little black case.  Nars does not have a little window showing the color though, so it's mirror is full lid.
 I personally don't use the mirror since I am applying my blush at home in front of a large mirror.
 This is the color with flash:  a beautiful shimmery coral color.
 Here it is without flash:
 I decided to swatch this product next to Nars orgasm to see if the color and look were similar.  I didn't find that they really were similar in color in my opinion.  You can see my Nars orgasm post here.  Though Nars orgasm is suppose to be a pinky coral, it doesn't look very similar to the  orangy coral of e.l.f. candid coral. Pointer finger is elf, and middle is Nars:
 First finger is e.l.f. candid coral, and second is Nars orgasm:  You can see that the colors are pretty different.  I do however see that the shimmer is very similar.  They have a very similar look in that way, so maybe the review I read confused the shade that was similar to Nars.  I could feel a difference in texture between the two as well.  I liked the e.l.f. blush but the quality isn't that of Nars.  I think for the price I could live with a little less quality though!!  They are both very pretty.
On my cheek you can see that they both have the shimmer to them, but the colors themselves are not quite the same.  I also have very fair skin so it is very notiable on my cheek. 
I would say that I love the price and I love the color and I would repurchase this product.  I wouldn't say it is the same as Nars, but I just read it was a dupe so I wanted to compare.  If you have only $3 to spend vs. $30 I would go for the e.l.f.!!  It can give a similar look and I bet the pink color of e.l.f. would be even closer to a dupe.  I might just try the pink color for the price, why not?!  Thanks for reading, Heather Honey


  1. I hqve never tried these products but I am very curious about them!

  2. I tried an Elf blush and i love it!

  3. great post and blog now following :) please check out my blog

  4. I dont think they are similar at all!! Maybe it is closer to Deepthroat?? I have to go digging through mny blushes now Lol

  5. This is really interesting because I use NARS orgasm as my blush. It doesn't seem that similar from the photos which is unfortunate because I'd love to find a cheaper alternative!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I love the color and that's such a great price!


  7. Great color! :)


  8. I have an elf blush in pink passion and I love it. I might have to pick up this coral one! Ive also given you a blog award, check out my newest post for more details :)

  9. obsessed with e.l.f blush! the color looks so nice on your skin

    Jordan xx
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  10. it looks really amazing!!!


  11. i nominated you for a blogger award :)


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