Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping?

I justified this purchase by saying it was a Christmas gift, but the only thing that's a gift is the mini-lotions...and a few things for myself. ;)  Avon is very reasonably priced atleast!
 I really LOVED the mineral blush I bought last time, it was such a pretty color and felt nice, and went on so easily.  I decided to try a peachy color since I got pink last time.  They had a deal that you got a kabuki brush with the blush for like $7 I think.  I really like the brush, it's very soft and does a great job applying the blush. 
 I am very happy with this blush. The pink color looks a little better on my skin tone but the peach is nice for when I want to go with a different color palette. 

 I usually always wear cool colors vs. warm since they better suit my face.  I have been trying out some different looks though and think warm can be pulled off on my skin.  Do you tend to stick with cool or warm shades or do you just wear whatever you feel like?

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