Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Rest of the Loot

I purchased two Avon eyeliners- in Saturn Grey and Midnight Blue.  I really like both of them, especially the blue one.  I think it works well with my blue eyes.  I like that you just click the eyeliner up.  I like the deign so far, it's actually nice to not have to sharpen the eye pencil.

 I also purchased "Dew Kiss" which just gives your lips a shiny look.  The other two are "Slick Tint" in the colors Glossy Wine and Glossy Opal.
 I was very surprised at how dark the Glossy Wine is.  The pigment in both are so strong they are more like a lipstick.
 Saturn Grey eyeliner:
 Slick Tint Glossy Opal:
 The two of them combined:
 Midnight Blue eyeliner:
 Slick Tint in Glossy Wine:
The combined look:
Wow I look pale in that picture! Haha.  Anyway, I guess because it's called 'tint' I figured it would be a subtle color-it's not.  I don't think I would have purchased any of the three lip colors if I knew how they were going to look on.  I would definitely get the eyeliner again though.  Thanks for reading!! Feel free to follow :)

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