Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maybelline Eraser

Thanks to the suggestion of the blog Veronika's Blushing I decided to give this product- Maybelline Instand Age Rewind Eraser Eye Brightener- a try.  I always have black rings under my eyes due to allergies.  My doctor said that if I take an allergy pill everyday that they might go away but I can't be bothered-I can't even remember to take my multi-vitamin :(  My concealer doesn't cut it, so I thought I'd give this product a try!  I'm really glad I did! 

Before:  I am wearing no make up!

Applying:  I have applied but not blended the product

After:  Blended

                                                                   The finished look:

I really like this product and it's fun to apply.  It doesn't completly get rid of my circles but there are other colors in the line that I think are stronger.  I am quite happy with this one, I would buy it again.  I think it was around $8.  Don't you just love the little puff on top? :)

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  1. thanks for the shout-out :) glad you like this product!


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