Sunday, October 16, 2011


I picked this foundation up a couple of years ago.  That's right, I said years.  I hardly use foundation.  I have pretty clear skin but I have noticed that it's not always even toned.  It never really bothered me, but since purchasing mineral foundation I have noticed that if I apply the liquid under the mineral it does leave my skin a lot more flawless looking.  I have been trying this combination out a little lately.  I don't feel like the mineral foundation has much coverage without the liquid under it.  The Maybelline instant age rewind foundation has great coverage.  This above picture shows the most accurate color.
 My color for fall, winter, spring is the lightest shade they had at the time of purchase: porcelain ivory. Yup, I have really, really light skin.   
   I am not sure why I bought the age rewind foundation, I think I was just looking for the correct color foundation.  I certainly did not need that when I purchased it, but it's been a couple of years and it isn't going to hurt any!

 I have really light skin, you can see the spot that is lighter on my hand where I blended it in.  It covers most flaws well and it evens out my skin color.  I can get some redness around my nose and chin and this covers it well.
 I would purchase this again, it has held up for a couple of years now!  I will do a review on the mineral powder to show the combination of the two.  I also like that there is some sunscreen (SPF 18) in this product.  I have heard that you should really wear sunscreen everyday to help protect your skin and this and my daily face lotion have a little of that in there.
 This product does it's job well, and hides my imperfections!

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