Saturday, October 8, 2011


A little while back I did something a little impulsive.  I decided to order something off of the Sephora website- a perfume!! without ever having smelled it. 

 I liked that the perfume came in a little set with a body/hair wash.  It even came in a little black bag with with draw string.  Very nice, very pretty, the actual scent however would be a surprise. 
 I have used both the perfume and the body wash.  The body wash can be used all over, even in your hair, which I tried out.  I have long hair so I had to condition it after so I wouldn't waste the product on washing my hair again.  The scent gets washed away by the conditioner.  The scent does stay on your skin very faintly and it makes your skin soft.
I chose this scent without smelling it because: 1) it has a pretty name 2) it was purple and I like purple!!  Now here is the conclusion:  on my body chemistry it smells like cotton candy!!!  I kid you not!  I probably won't make this purchase again, not that I don't like the smell of cotton candy but because it's not what I was expecting.  Lesson learned, smell it before you buy it!! ;)


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