Friday, October 28, 2011

Avon Makeup

 This is the new Avon makeup I purchased.  I have tried everything out now, but I am still trying to decide how I feel about the eyeshadow. 

 I really like the blush, it is a really pretty shade and because it is loose powder it is easy to apply just the right amount.  I felt like it blends in really nice and doesn't take a lot to add color.

 I like the lip plumping lipgloss. I don't think it really plumped up my lips much, I felt a little tingle. I also don't think the color stands out very much but would look pretty over a lipstick.  It felt really nice on also.

 The eyeshadow is very different.  It is longlasting and feels like wet powder when you apply it.  It does last all day, and it is a very pretty color.  I found it very difficult to apply though.  The applicator doesn't get a lot of shadow on it and it doesn't spread on your eyelid the way normal shadow does.  It might take a little practice and getting used to.  The color is gorgeous though!
Have you bought any Avon products before?  What did you think?  I thought they were a great price!


  1. I love that avon blusher too, it's one of my faves. If you're looking for a lip gloss that actually does 'plump' your lips then i find that the soap and glory mother pucker lip glosses work really well, the only downside is that they;re really quite sticky.

  2. Thanks! I will have to look into that one. I have tried the Sally Hansen brand that's about $8 and it works a little better than Avons. I have also tried out a friends 20$ Buxom lipgloss-but it's a little expensive...maybe for my bithday. lol


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