Friday, October 21, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow

 I purchased the Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow and eyeliner in 345 Sterling Rose.  I thought that they were pretty shades and I liked that the eyeliner came too.  Though the pictures I took of the eyeliner came out blurry I will say that it was impossible to remove.  ColorStay is right!  I used my face wash and my eye make up remover and it still wouldn't budge. I ended up using a trick my grandmother taught me.  You take night cream and wipe it off with that.  I finally got it off, but I think I could cry up a storm and be safe with that stuff on. 

 On the back of the package it came with some simple non-helpful directions on how to apply the shadow.  Dark on crease, etc. etc.  There are four shades but only three on the packaging so you choose the three you want to blend.

The pigmentation is very nice.  I swatched it to show the shimmer and color.

 The eyeliner goes on smooth and is easy to apply.  I liked how you twist it and it just rolls up-no sharpening.

This was with the gray color, and below is the lighter pink color. 

I think this might look nice doing smokey eye but I'm not sure I could make that look right. Maybe with some practice!

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